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City of Redwood City
Sewer Service Fee Property Tax Proposal
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UPDATE- JUN 16, 2021 — 

Last night City Council voted unanimously to postpone a vote on the City of Redwood City's proposal to add sewer service fees to our property tax bills. 

While Council did not vote "No"on the proposal they will not be moving forward with this proposal and sewer service fees will not be added to our propety tax bills!

Sewer Service Fee

The Redwood City Council will be voting to add Sewer Service Fees to our Property Tax Bills

Currently, these fees are billed bi-monthly with our water and garbage.


Why Does This Matter?

If Council approves this proposal, it will impact every Homeowner in Redwood City. 

Sewer Service fees will be billed annually, in a lump sum, and will become subject to much steeper late fees, penalties, and consequences.

What does the City of Redwood City charge if you are late paying Sewer Fees now?

  •  1.5% interest after 30 days.

  • 5% or $3.00 (whichever is higher) a Shut-Off Notice is issued.

  •  1.5% of the current Sewer Service fee is less than $3.00.

What does the County charge if you are late paying your Property Taxes?

  • 1 Day Late- 10% off the ENTIRE Tax Bil

  • Plus Fees of 1.5% of the total amount owed, compounded daily, until the balance is paid in full.

  • Plus a Redemption Fee $35.00

  • If left unpaid the County can auction off your home to pay any past-due taxes, fees, penalties, and legal fees.

San Mateo County does NOT accept partial payments on Property Taxes. If your property tax payment arrives late, even by one day, fees and penalties apply to the entire Property Tax Bill.


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City Hall Redwood City

The Farm Hill Neighborhood Association
has submitted a formal request asking the
City of Redwood City to hold a Special Public
Study Session in April 2021, on the proposed
2021-2022  Budget.
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UPDATE-Request Granted March 9, 2021

Magical Bridge Playground

The Farm Hill Neighborhood Association is
working to have flashing crosswalk traffic lights installed at Jefferson at Valota to provide safe, pedestrian access to the Magical Bridge Playground 
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Fencing Roy Cloud Roosevelt School

In response to the fencing being installed
at Roy Cloud & Roosevelt schools, the Farm Hill Neighborhood Association is currently working to ensure gates remained unlocked during non-school hours to alloww neighborhood children and families access and use of the blacktops and ball fields.
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350 year-ols Majestic Oak Tree

In August 2020, the Farm Hill Neighborhood learned that Thomas James Homes had submitted plans to the City of Redwood City that included the removal of a 350+ year-old majestic oak tree located at 1266 Connecticut Dr. 

The Farm Hill Neighborhood put out an immediate call for action to help preserve the oak tree and over 2200 people answered our call.

On January 8, 2021, the City of Redwood City notified us that they would require the protection and preservation of the majestic oak at 1266 Connecticut Dr.

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