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City Council Approves New District Boundaries Despite Resident Objections.

The Redwood City Council approved Map C3 by a 5-2 vote on Monday night. Supporting Map C3 and the new District boundaries were Mayor Hale and Councilmembers Aguirre, Gee, Smith & Espinoza-Garnica. Vice Mayor Reddy and Councilmember Howard voted No.

Map C3

Map C3 placed the Farm Hill Neighborhood in District G, which is shown on the maps in grey.

Like during the initial district mapping process a few years ago, residents asked Council to place Farm Hill in a District with Canyon, Woodside Plaza, and the western portion of the Roosevelt Neighborhood. Farm Hill residents also repeated their requests not to be placed in a District with the Edgewood Park Neighborhood.

The reasons for these requests were many–including:

  • Distance: The distance between the neighborhoods is great—about 4 miles.

  • Issues: The issues in these neighborhoods are different. Farm Hill is in the hills where wildfires are a top concern. Most of Edgewood Park is located in the flatlands and/or near the El Camino Real.

  • Schools: The neighborhood elementary, middle, and high schools are entirely different. Farm Hill students are assigned to Roosevelt, Roy Cloud, Kennedy, and Woodside High Schools. Edgewood Park students are assigned to Clifford, McKinley (MIT), and Sequoia High Schools.

  • Safe Routes to School: Children and families living in these neighborhoods take much different routes to school. Placing these neighborhoods in the same District makes it very difficult for residents/parents to organize around traffic safety and mitigation issues such as bike lanes and crosswalks.

  • Transportation. Many residents of Edgewood Park are within walking distance of our Downtown. Farm Hill residents live 4-5 miles from Downtown.

  • Homeowners/Renters: Over 70% of Farm Hill residents are homeowners. Edgewood Park has a higher percentage of renters than Farm Hill. Placing these neighborhoods in the same District dilutes both the number of renters and homeowners.

  • Public Safety: Police Beats & Fire Routes are different.

While our efforts were great, sadly, our requests and map submissions were almost entirely ignored.

Farm Hill residents will feel the ripple effects of Monday night's Council decision for the next ten years. District Maps will not be redrawn again in Redwood City until after the 2030 Census is complete.

Additional data and information on Redwood City's redistricting process are available on the city's webpage at

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