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Update: City Council Approves Raises & Postpones Redistricting Meeting.

Last night our City Council voted to unanimously approve pay raises for both the City Manager and City Attorney.

Mayor Howard, who served on the Ad-Hoc committee with Vice Mayor Hale, and Councilmember Aguirre who recommended the 10% annual increases, stated she strongly supported the raises and stood by her recommendation.

Vice Mayor Hale stated one of the key factors she considered when making the recommendation to approve the 80K annual expense was the big increase in city revenues. Hale stated city revenues increased 20% last year.

Councilmember Aguirre stated that she agreed with her fellow Ad-Hoc committee members and that the process, "we feel has been equitable and just."

Prior to approving the pay raises, council also voted to postpone the

December 6, 2021, Public Hearing on District Elections until December 20, 2021. Redwood City's ARC will be presenting two new voting distict maps for Council's consideration and approval. Once approved, these new voting maps will remain in place until after the 2030 Census is complete.

Other items of interest were:

  • A presentation on the city's Housing Element.

  • Council voted to ban the sale of flavored tobaccos.

  • Councilmember Gee interrupted the meeting somewhere around 9 pm to ask if he could make a motion to extend the meeting past 11pm. Being it was only 9 pm, no action was taken.

You can watch the entire meeting on the city's website at:

The redistricting item is 6B –which begins with public comment.

The pay raises are item 9B.

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