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Cooling Centers Open Today

June 17, 2021

Due to the extreme heat expected today, Redwood City has opened 3 cooling centers

Cooling Center Locations

  • Veterans Memorial Senior Center

  • Downtown Library

  • Redwood Shores Library

Cooling Centers will be open today from 11 am to 5 pm.

Masks must be worn & social distancing observed.

Water will also be available.

On HOT days like today, it's important to remember

Check on our neighbors who may be at increased risk due to the high heat. Many homes in Redwood City do not have air conditioning.

Hot days are difficult for our pets too. Hot pavement can seriously burn their paws, so can metal water and food bowls. On hot days, use plastic bowls to offer your pet lots of fresh water and meals.

Speaking of water, your postal carrier, delivery driver, or gardener would certainly appreciate an ice-cold drink today. If you have one to share, place one in your mailbox or a few in a cooler on your porch.

It will help them get through the heat and bring a smile to their face. Stay Cool Farm Hill!

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