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Update- City Council Votes to Postpone Decision to Add Sewer Service Fees to Property Tax Bills

Last night City Council voted to postpone the vote to add sewer service fees to our property tax bills to allow more time to obtain additional information and provide public outreach.

What does this mean?

Sewer Service Fees will NOT be added to our 2021-2022 property tax bills.

This item will come back to Council at a later date for a vote.

We will be following this issue very closely and will continue to post updates as they become available.

Our Petition will remain up at to collect signatures until City Council makes a final decision on this issue.

I want to thank everyone who has joined our efforts by signing our Petition, e-mailing City Council, and speaking at the City Council meeting last night.

Together we have made a difference!

Johanna Rasmussen

Chairwoman Farm Hill Neighborhood

Cell/Text 650-537-3545

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